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[article three: the black horse book writing]

The black horse tells the story of a black pony. _He_ lives happily in a mountain village. He is trained from urine and is a horse. He understands that he should obey any orders of his master. However, because of all kinds of circumstances, _he_ was sold to another owner, the fate of happiness began to change.

The first master of the black horse is a bold drunkard, often drink dead drunk, frantically whipped his horse, black horse is often played with blood. The composition of second masters is a love of trendy people, treat the black horse more extremely cruel and merciless they don't know, _I_ tail cut is a very painful thing, they _Install_ the horse bit let black horse mouth non-stop flow slobber, suffering from incurable disease. Later, the owners were more fierce and cruel. For money, they destroyed and pressed black horses at any cost, and made the black horse's legs remain unchanged and terrible scars. And then sell the black steed who can't do it at a high price. The horrible tight reins and the heavy metal whips with metal heads made the black steed in a nightmare situation. But soon the black horse suffer up to the head, the black horse returned to a Gunton squire's home, and the friends in the village in the light of heart from care under the apple tree had a black horse in the last time of ease......

Author Anna * Seville to a horse in the perspective of human world with animal cruelty. Vividly and meticulously portrayed the hardships of the black horse's life. The black horse has been well received by the world since its advent.

After reading this novel, I have a deep feeling: why human beings have treated animals so hard that it doesn't do you any good. We human beings are also an animal, but we are only advanced animals. We live together with animals. Can the human beings be able to destroy the living spirit for their own benefit? In fact, I would like to advise those who abuse animals a advice: think things must think in many directions. What would you feel when the world was now dominated by animals?




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黑骏马的家很多,比如:波特葳克、 在巴斯的家、还有很多主人,如:高顿老爷、杰里·巴克尔、巴利、杰里米亚·巴克尔、


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During the holiday, I read the book _black horse_. I am very sympathetic to the misfortune of the black horse.

The black horse, black horse, horse is a noble, pure horse. It looks very handsome, fine soft fur, black and bright, with a hoof is white on the forehead, and a pretty white stars. His father was very famous in the area, and his grandfather had won two times at the horse race. The black horse is very temperate, and it is a good horse to be loved by everyone. It had many owners, some owners take the horse is always so careful, let them live in a well ventilated stables, a day to give them clean out the stables and give them brushing hair, harness, eat nutritious food. Black horse loyal to his master, once, on a stormy night, black horse instinctively refused to cross a bridge, thereby saving the lives of men and horses. Another time, it ran desperately to the doctor and won the rescue time for the hostess. While some of its owners are ruthless, with a short bridle for their neck, with a whip lashed his horse and put spurs to his horse back. Met a black horse called Huan hoof horse, they forged a profound friendship. The hoof is also a strong good horse, because he has been abused by the master, and eventually become angry, often bitten. Later, he was eventually exhausted because of maltreatment by the man. Black horse was sent to another house, where the groom is a liar, do not take care of it, it will eventually lead to illness. Once, his hoof off, drunk the ignorant, that sharp stone horseshoe break badly mutilated, knee and foot injuries, down the disabled.

By reading the book _black horse_, I feel very sad about the misfortunes of the horses. They are so poor! I understand the truth that people should cherish animals and make friends with animals. Although animals do not speak, they are also emotional and spiritual. You know, God is the way a person treats other people and animals to determine what kind of person you are.




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